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From above view of fresh poké bowl on a wood table By Sergio Marcos
From above view of fresh poké bowl on a wood table By Sergio Marcos on an iPhone camera
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An influencer holds out a burger in their hands
A barista pours some latte art on a flat white
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Get access to large, existing audiences

Local influencers are passionate foodies who love your brand. They have 10,000s of engaged social media followers in your neighbourhood who trust their recommendations.




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Let influencers do the hard work for you

Influencers dedicate hours each week to making sure their content performs well. They're an extension of your team and help grow your business by sharing engaging posts with their network.

Marketing ROI you can measure


people have visited a restaurant promoted by influencers they follow

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more effective than traditional restaurant marketing channels.

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per impression through influencer networks

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Target specific diners

Vegan pop ups in North London don’t want to advertise to meat-lovers in Manchester. Influencers attract followers just like them. By collaborating with the right influencers you can extend your reach, finding the people who will dine at your restaurant again and again.

A social media influencer take a picture of their vegan food
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Restaurant marketing paid in burgers

You can’t pay for Facebook ads with food. But you can with influencers. And the low cost of food makes influencer marketing more cost effective than any other channel.

How influencer marketing works

Gift influencers a meal

Influencers who love your brand eat for free at your restaurant.

Hit their large network

Influencers share their experience on social media.

Drive bookings

Followers want the same experience and visit your restaurant.

Launch campaigns in seconds


Create your offer

Tell influencers what you want to promote


Schedule visits

Joli matches you to the right people


Measure results

See which content works best for your business

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